Brightside Wines


The Brightside range of wines was introduced in 2007. The name combines “Bright” from Brightwater and “Side” from Westside which is the local name for the area where the new winery is situated. The brand name also reflects the personality of this range of wines – popular, accessible styles that are great value-for-money. Brightside wines can be found in supermarkets, liquor stores and in casual cafes and bars.

The entire range is certified organic.

You will find below a short description of the wine styles we include in the Brightside range;  all styles are not necessarily made in  every vintage. Links to winemaking/ tasting notes and reviews for currently available wines appear on the right as well as beneath each style description.

Sauvignon Blanc

A crisp wine with lots of tropical character alongside herbal notes and lemony acidity. Best enjoyed within 2 years of bottling.


A lush and juicy palate,  showing flavours ranging from floral to baked apple and ripe citrus in the tangelo/mandarin spectrum. A light mineral acidity balances the dash of sweetness and smooth texture. Can be cellared for 5-7 years.

 Unoaked Chardonnay

Purity of Chardonnay flavours due to minimal intervention in the winery. Ripe stonefruits and citrus with just a hint of butterscotch lees character. Develops beautifully in the bottle over 3-5 years and beyond.

Having made Unoaked Chardonnays from 2002 to 2008, we do not currently make this style. Please contact us if you are interested in a bottle from our library.


A lightly oaked style with lots of citrus and stonefruit characters. Subtle oak seasoning enhances the fruit with smokey, spicy characters. Can be cellared for up to 4 years.

Pinot Gris

Made off-dry, perfumed and floral with ripe pear and stonefruit flavours and a silky texture. Can be cellared for up to 3 years.


Typically predominantly made from Pinot Noir, fresh and appealing with strawberry aromas and flavours and a dash of vanilla spice. Best enjoyed within 2 years of bottling.

Rose production is usually dependant on our plans for the Pinot Noir grapes. Occasionally, we may turn to our other red varieties (Merlot or Syrah)  to make a more muscular Rose wine.

Wines labelled “Blush”  call on the European tradition of judiciously blending white and red wines together, allowing wide scope for innovation!

We do not make a Rose/Blush wine in every vintage.



Pinot Noir

Sweet fruited ripe Pinot with lots of berry fruit overlaying a smokey oak spiciness. Can be drunk young or cellared for up to 5 years.