Our Wines


The new Kaimira Winery was commissioned in December 2007 and can process up to 500 tonnes per vintage. Our primary concern was to ensure that our winery is as functional and practical as possible while having minimal environmental impact. Features such as solar water heating, low energy lighting and waste water treatment and recycling were built-in from the start.

We place considerable emphasis on promoting the primary flavours of each grape variety which requires that most of our white wines are made and stored in stainless steel tanks. With some chardonnays however, we do appreciate the extra dimension that comes from the use of fine French oak. We ferment and mature these wines in a mix of new and seasoned French barriques.

Most (70%) of our grapes are hand picked. They are crushed and/or de-stemmed, transferred to a vacuum tank press to gently extract the juice. This juice is pumped to settling tanks within a few hours of harvest and subsequently managed so as to minimise contact with air. All tank-fermented white wines are cool fermented via refrigerated cooling jackets to promote flavour development. Cultured yeasts are used to give greater predictability to the fermentation process.

The base wine for our  Methode Traditionnelle is made by our winemaker from  a special early hand pick of our Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes. The second fermentation within each bottle is monitored by sparkling wine specialist Daniel Le Brun.

Our Pinot Noir, Syrah and specialty red wines  are fermented in open top vats, gently pressed and transferred to tanks or barrels for maturation over a 6 to 12 month period depending on the desired style.

Wines made for the Kaimira Estate label are made to complement food and to enhance that special occasion. These wines often have less residual sugar and will reward  careful cellaring by developing complex characters. Brightside wines tend to be made off-dry. They are bottled and released within a year of vintage for everyday enjoyment.