Certified Fully Organic Wine

From the 2013 vintage onwards, ALL Kaimira Estate and Brightside wines are fully Certified Organic.

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This certification encompasses both the vineyards and the winery. Although it is growing, organic wine production is not yet the norm in New Zealand: just ten percent of New Zealand wineries now hold organic certification.

Essentially an organic vineyard capitalises on natural methods and patterns to enhance vine health and grape quality in the long term.


Our organic commitment means that in the vineyards we use only approved organic methods, and strictly no synthetic herbicides, fungicides and pesticides.  We manage weeds by mowing, grazing sheep, grubbing and mulching. Using approved organic methods and additives, we convert our grape marc (the solid remains of the grapes after they have been pressed for juice) into rich compost which is then spread on the vineyards.


Here is our compost – steaming on a cold winter morning!

As the wine industry grows, disposal and storage of marc is becoming an issue. If it is not stored or managed carefully the nitrate, sodium and  chloride-rich leachate from the marc can get into surface and ground water, creating a chemical imbalance leading to the pollution of streams and waterways.




In the winery, we use only those products that are approved for organic use – so all inputs such as yeast strains and fining agents have to be organic certified along with cleaning products and any other items used. Significantly for those sensitive to sulphites in wine, the permitted level in organic-certified wines is  significantly less than in conventionally-made wines.

To ensure that the wine you buy is truly organic it is important to ensure it is independently Certified Organic by an internationally accredited organisation. Kaimira Estate and Brightside wines are certified by AsureQuality (www.organiccertification.co.nz). In addition, AsureQuality is internationally accredited by IFOAM – the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements. IFOAM represents the best in international organic standards.

We are independently audited every year to guarantee compliance with international organic standards. 

In recent vintages, we have moved to using plant-based fining agents to finish the wines, in preference to animal-based proteins such as skim milk and egg white. Most of our wines are therefore suitable for vegans as well as being certified organic.

All currently-released wines can be ordered via this website. Please contact us if you are interested in vintages that are not listed.

Please CONTACT US directly for more information on any aspect of our organic or vegan-friendly regimes:

sales@kaimirawines.com OR  021 2484 107