Our Environmental Commitment

We like to think that we exceed customers’ expectations that today’s businesses should both respect and enhance the environment; and we are very proud of our sustainability achievements.  We were part of New Zealand Winegrowers’ Sustainable Winegrowing (SWNZ) programme in 1995 – that’s before our first vines were planted! After eight years of achieving formal CarboNZero certification under Landcare Research’s internationally-accredited scheme we now operate our own in-house programme to measure and manage greenhouse gas emissions. In June 2012 all our vineyards were certified organic by AsureQuality and our winery was certified organic from April 2013.

In November 2012, we were named “New Zealand Sustainable Business of the Year” for the Southern and Central regions in the Sustainable Business Network Awards. In May 2015, we were named Sustainable Vineyard of the Year in the New Zealand Organic Wine Awards.

We are proud to be listed as an accredited supplier by the Conscious Consumer Network.

Our wines can truly be described as “NATURALLY NELSON™”!



This programme was developed and implemented by New Zealand Winegrowers, the organisation that represents the collective interests of grape growers and wine makers. The initial focus was on the vineyard and the programme provides an audited “best practice” guide to efficiently and economically growing premium winegrapes in an environmentally sustainable manner. All Kaimira Ventures’ vineyards were accredited to the programme from 1996 to 2012; our winery was accredited from 2008 to 2013.  For further information refer to http://www.nzwine.com/swnz

From 2009 our sustainable focus shifted to the more rigorous requirements of organic certification and we embarked on the 3/4  year journey to achieve this for both the vineyards and the winery.



Our organisation and wine products were first formally certified carbon neutral in 2006  following a review of ALL aspects of our operations from grape growing to wine making as well as distribution in New Zealand and overseas.  Independent audits were carried out annually over the next seven years to confirm our accreditation. The measurement and management of green house gas (GHG) emissions is now firmly embedded in our business practices. We purchase green energy credits as an offset to mitigate those emissions we cannot reduce ourselves. We have also implemented a work programme to further improve our GHG emission efficiency. Steps already taken include using solar water heating in our new winery, exclusive use of energy efficient light bulbs, and the introduction of a 2-row vineyard sprayer which virtually halves the tractor time to spray our vineyards.

Most recently, we have replaced our vineyard ATV with a solar-powered golf cart! It’s not just kinder to the environment but also safer for our staff!


In May 2009 we entered all our vineyards into the organic certification programme operated by Asure Quality New Zealand. We achieved certification in June 2012.  

The winery was certified organic in April 2013, so wines from this vintage onwards are fully organic. For further information on the programme refer to http://www.organiccertification.co.nz/


This organisation accredits and audits hospitality businesses (restaurants, bars and caterers) according to twelve identified environmental/ethical standards. Current activities centre on  Auckland, Waikato, Wellington, Canterbury and Otago. Like-minded consumers are connected with accredited businesses via a website, Facebook page and free phone app. In this way, the Network makes it easy for consumers placing importance on dealing with environmentally responsible and ethical businesses to spend their money in a way that shapes the world they want to live in.

There are currently over 5,000 Conscious Consumer members (and it’s growing rapidly!).

For more information visit: www.consciousconsumers.org.nz


Every New Zealand winery that exports wine must pass an annual export certification audit. The audit confirms that the provenance of the wines can be traced back to the vineyards, that no inappropriate additives or practices have been used and that documentation is available to detail every step on the winemaking process from the grape growing history through bottling and dispatch to customers. Kaimira Ventures has received certification in every year of operation.


Since 2008 every New Zealand winery is required to maintain a wine standards management plan which covers the processes and procedures governing their wine making. Kaimira Estate maintains an operating plan which is subject to independent audit.


Water is increasingly being recognised as a valuable resource to be conserved and used wisely. Wineries can use relatively large amounts of water, mainly for vine irrigation, winery cleaning and washing down. In New Zealand the wine industry’s average water use is 8 litres for every litre of wine made.

Our specially-selected  waste water treatment plant allows water used in the winery to be recycled back onto the vineyard. As a result, our water usage rate of 2 litres per litre of wine produced is one-quarter of the industry average.